From planning to the finished product.


For manufacturing assemblies we use special machines that we have built ourselves, as well as rotary transfer machines with automatic handling systems.


100% testing

integrated into the special machines and rotary transfer machines complete the cost-effective production of assemblies.


Turned parts are press-fitted via automatic feeders

to other parts such as stampings and bent parts. Path and force monitoring systems ensure perfect, controlled joining of the individual components.



Depending on customer requirements,

laser marking can be used for component labelling, such as date, item, batch, etc. Code readers with advanced reading capacity check the component labels. For our customers' sake, we offer 100% security.

The final component check

is carried out by high-speed digital cameras in which the individual components are checked for scratches, defects and swarf.


4- and 6-axis robots

come into play in all steps of the production chain such as assembly, attaching components, testing, measurement, inspection, packing and palletizing.