Quality assurance at the highest level.


Our nearly 100 years of experience in the field of manufacturing turned parts, coupled with the constant development of our processes and the continuous modernization of our machinery, enable us to provide our customers with products of the highest quality.


Modern measuring instruments allow precise control and process engineering in manufacturing, enabling us to reliably manufacture products with the smallest tolerances.


To comply with the requirements of our customers technical cleanliness of their products, residual contamination analyses are carried out in our own laboratory throughout all process steps and on the finished product using a particle scanner and an attached particle counter. All the results are documented, logged and can be statistically evaluated at the clients' request.



- Wenzel LH 54 coordinate measuring device
- MahrSurf contour measuring device
- Mahr Formtaster MMQ40
- Mahr Perthometer for checking surface roughness


Additional tests such as eddy current crack detection or an automatic 100% check can be carried out in our works at the client's request. For this purpose, we have several fully-automated systems available. These were designed and built for the most part by HEISMANN. This enables us to offer a perfect solution for every one of our customers' problems.