We understand environmental protection as an integral part of our responsibility.


The Ecological Project for Integrated
Environmental Engineering is a project for the economic empowerment of enterprises through preventive environmental protection with the intention of making a contribution to improving the environmental situation in our region at the same time.


On 20/06/2013

Heismann Drehtechnik was awarded the certificate "Mettmann Region ├ľkoprofit Company 2013".

All environmental issues

that are of interest to the participating company are analyzed, processes are improved, in-company innovations are set in motion, and thus the foundations for a sustainable economic development are laid.




The participation in ├ľkoprofit

is an important step in carrying out the continuous improvement of our company's environmental performance.


In addition to using

sophisticated coolant recirculation systems, creating and strengthening the environmental awareness of each employee through their personal involvement, forms the basis for the successful environmental protection at Heismann.